SAINT STREET is a virtual GALLERY showcasing and selling PRINTS by director BRUCE ST. CLAIR



All prints are Limited Editions of 15.    


All our prints are signed and will be shipped with its own certificate.


We believe in the power of art to transform your day. To inspire and to communicate meaning. Images have the power to transport you to another place. They are time capsules containing dreams, beliefs and ideas. And can offer insights about human behavior and culture.  

We create prints which are art pieces that want to speak to you. Help you take a moment and take a breath.


Bruce is a multidisciplinary artist, known best for his ambitious commercials work with brands including Mercedes, IKEA, Audi, Mini, Kia and Fiat. St. Clair has turned out work that has gained recognition at such competitions as the Cannes Lions, D&AD’s and the Clios.


Curation is by Adrian St. Clair

Printing company is Clorofila Digital